Monster Gartner LIVE

The 22th of February 2022 Monster Gartner went live on AppStore and Google Play!

About 50 people showed up to the event both funds, suppliers, staff and children, while 24 watched on the live stream. It was an amazing day, with a little speech and presentation followed by everyone trying out the game themselves!

Read more from the news preparing for the event here:

I got a dreamjob <3

Drømmejob børneriget

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. And after a lot of uncertainties we finally got acceptance that I could start as project leader at the Children’s Hospital of Copenhagen. I’m going to run a project called “Break the isolation” for kids and adolescences living with cancer. It will helping them through VR/AR experiences to socially connect with friends and family at home – and others in the same situation at the hospital. Aaaand also have fun and encourage more movement.

I just had my 3th day today and I’m so excited!


Job Searching

Nyt job pirat quest5 _white _ text.png

I find it much more rewarding and fun to look at the “between jobs” state as a treasure hunt. Searching companies and network for hints, planning the route and going for the reward : a great place to make games. It’s like an adventure ^^

Looking for new project

Since January I’ve been working at Klassefilm to create a game for kids about what food does to the body. It’v been fun and crazy and is now ready for release. Which also means I’ll need to find a new project.

Here’s a sneak peak of Spis & Fis : Spis &amp; Fis 1 Kikko_Henriksen